Commissioner Morrison Responds to Political Hit Job by Chicago Sun-Times

Commissioner Morrison Responds to Political Hit Job by Chicago Sun-Times

Commissioner Morrison Responds to Political Hit Job by Chicago Sun-Times

In politics when you fight the entrenched status quo of government they will try everything to stop you and it starts with political hit jobs like the one against me that appeared in today’s Sun-Times newspaper.  Here is my official response…​FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Despite Sean Morrison firing of Anthony Martin from his corporate employment after assisting law enforcement in his arrest and prosecution for inappropriate communications with an underage girl, the Sun-Times printed a version of events which attempts to smear Sean using the new tactic of ‘guilt by employment association’. The Sun-Times was purchased in 2017 by a group led by an ultra-liberal former Democratic Chicago Alderman to further the goals of the new radical liberal organization called Our Revolution.  As of today, their tactics now include trying to make a law and order conservative security professional like Sean Morrison appear to assist the very same criminal he helped apprehend, arrest and convict.

They failed today and they will fail in the future.   Sean Morrison killed the “soda tax” and opposes any increases in spending, taxes and fees.  His fight for more accountability and less patronage has earned him many liberal big government enemies.  As long as Sean is the leader of the conservative government movement in Cook County they will continue to try to assassinate his character and he will continue to prove them wrong. Below is the statement Sean Morrison sent to the Sun-Times.  It appears at the very end of their story after they complete their attempted character assassination.   

Statement Of Sean Morrison On The Arrest And Prosecution Of Anthony Martin

“Morrison Security has over 800 employees and subcontractor employees nationwide.  Anthony Martin was a veteran and former military policeman with no history or even rumored inappropriate behavior toward his fellow employees, customers or private citizens of any age or gender.  When I learned he sent a very inappropriate text message to the teenage daughter of another employee, I immediately encouraged his arrest and prosecution.  The only reason I did not fire him immediately was because my attorneys believed Martin could have the basis for a wrongful termination lawsuit and I did not want him to profit from his criminal activity by hiding behind labor laws.  He continued his assigned work and his attorney drafted a letter required by the court to allow him to travel for employment reasons while his criminal case proceeded.  I immediately fired him when he was accused of a similar offense while on duty in Colorado and I personally assisted police officers in apprehending Anthony Martin.  While I fully support punishing people within the limits of the law as an elected official, I have no hesitation in stating that the convicted man should consider himself fortunate that his fate consists of just unemployment and incarceration.  It is my understanding that he wisely decided to move away from Illinois after he was released.”

Sean Morrison